Quality Policy

“Quality is a continuous process at BCG Overseas – where organization-wide action is taken to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the engineering process.

This means that we continuously concentrate on improving our own performance to ensure that you -the client- benefit. Our aim is to meet your expectations every time. We take a proactive stance towards quality moving beyond Quality Control to provide Quality Assurance, so you can be confident that your requirements will be met with predictable quality – consistently. Our stringent process ensures that high quality standards are reflected as results in your business, guaranteeing your satisfaction every time.

Focus on the customer

  • Understanding and analyzing the current and future needs of our customers
  • Meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and inferring other activities based on the results of these measurements
  • Leadership/Steady growth of employees and working with them

Education, training and leadership skills

  • Giving employees the necessary resources for the activities within their responsibilities
  • Creating a work environment that positively influences the fulfillment of quality requirements while achieving the declared aims and objectives of the organization

Process approach

  • Defining processes and treating activities in the organization as interacting processes
  • Defining the interface of processes with the functions of the organization and establishing clear responsibilities and authority for process control
  • Planning and ensuring the availability of the resources necessary for process implementation
  • System approach

Continuous improvement

  • Continually improving products, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of all processes, quality management system and the timely adoption of preventive actions
  • Using employee initiatives to improve the efficiency of all processes and activities